Top College For BCom in Jaipur

Top College for BCom in Jaipur

Undergraduate Program in Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce, or B. Com is among the top undergraduate program in the country that students can opt for. It is a three-year undergraduate program that is focused on providing a conceptual understanding of core commerce subjects. The main focused areas in the B. Com undergraduate program from the top college for BCom in Jaipur are Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Insurance, Business Management, and taxation. Degree holders would find themselves open to a wide number of opportunities both in terms of furthering their education or even getting involved in the workforce and succeeding in their professional life. A background in commerce would allow one to plan their career and look for opportunities such as a C.A., C.S., and even a C.W.A.

The top college for BCom in Jaipur allows students to attain a B.Com degree in various specialized fields. Students can enroll in undergraduate programs for Sociology, Music, History, Mathematics, Home Science, Economics, Political Science, and even Statistics. An undergraduate degree in the field of commerce would allow one to get familiar with the financial foundation of a company while ensuring that the students have a solid foundation in core financial matters as well.

Admission into the B. Com undergraduate program offered by the top B. Com college in Jaipur is based on the performance of the student in their H.S.E. examination as well as the annual entrance exam conducted for the same.

Key Features

  • Top-of-the-class facilities for students that have enrolled in the B.Com. program
  • Highly experienced faculty on the campus
  • Counseling sessions and placement for students under the B. Com program
  • On-campus lectures from renowned guests

Career opportunities for B.Com degree holder

B.COM degree holders would have a wide range of options available to them after successfully completing the course. A degree holder would have the opportunity to further their education and opt for higher education courses such as M.Com, M.B.A., C.S., M.C.A., and many more. The Bachelor of Commerce specialization also offers a lot of career paths for the student. A degree holder can quickly pursue a career in accountancy and banking and earn a decent income even as a fresher. The yearly package for a fresher with a B. Com would easily range between 2 to 9 Lakhs INR, depending on the job. The opportunities are even better if one is looking to move abroad for a higher overall package.

Some job titles are listed here:

  • Accountant
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Financial Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Manager

Eligibility for the B.COM program

  • There is no limit that is present for admission. Anyone can apply for admission to the B. Com program, regardless of their background.
  • The applicants must have cleared their H.S.E. examination at the time of applying for the B. Com program at the top college of B. Com in Jaipur and must meet the minimum marks threshold prescribed by the administration. The variables under this are changed yearly.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have studied both Mathematics and English at the H.S.E. levels; their stream is not a parameter that is concerned with admission in the B.Com program.
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