BPA / BMUSIC Colleges in Jaipur

Undergraduate Program in Performing Arts

Bachelor of performing arts or BPA, as it is widely known, is an undergraduate program targeted at individuals interested in entertainment activities performed physically in front of an audience. It is a three-year undergraduate course that educates the student on various subjects that are related to entertainment activities. Many of the topics covered are related to dance, music, and acting/ theatre. A person with a degree in the BPA program from the top BPA college in Jaipur opens themselves to a wide range of opportunities in the entertainment sector.

Stani Memorial P.G. College offers specialized BPA programs for students that wish to become competent in the theater. This undergraduate program focuses on improving individuals' skills in a wide range of entertainment fields and making them qualified to succeed in their chosen profession. Students who have cleared this program from the best college for a Bachelor of Performing Arts have gained the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for a prosperous professional career. Admission under this program depends on the applicant's performance in their HSE examination. Students from any field can join this undergraduate program and enhance their practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to prosper in the entertainment industry.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art facility for students that are under the Bachelor of Performing Arts program
  • On-site lectures from guests that have made a massive contribution to the entertainment industry
  • Counseling for students that are part of the Bachelor of Performing Arts program

Career Opportunities after BPA

A degree holder in the BPA program would open themselves to a lot of opportunities in the entertainment industry. The skills obtained under the BPA program would help students get handsome packages in various sectors such as theater, film, music, and dance. The degree holder could also join an NGO with a good salary package. They would also have the necessary skills to start up their own instructing studio.

A degree holder of this program would also have the opportunity to work in TV production as a broadcaster, part of the commercial advertisement team, or even as an event management specialist. The salary package of the professionals is also lucrative, with a fresher earning anywhere between 2 to 7 Lakhs INR per annum, which pretty quickly goes up to 20 lacs after attaining the experience of five to six years in the industry.

One could also opt to move abroad for a better career opportunity and receive even better packages as a professional.

Some job titles are listed here:

  • Actor
  • Dance Teacher
  • Broadcast Presenter
  • Community Arts Worker
  • Music Therapist
  • Theatre Director
  • Dance Choreographer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Screenwriter
  • Art Administrator

Eligibility for the BPA program

To qualify for the BPA program, make sure to meet the following criteria. You will be eligible for the BPA program according to the following requirements. So, go through the following eligibility criteria first.

  • The applicant, at the time of counseling, must have cleared their HSE Examination from a recognized board and must have an aggregate score of over 50 percent
  • The students that are seeking admission into the undergraduate program of Performing Arts must have a background in the field of fine arts and must attach relevant info with their application.
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